Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist Role - YACHTFILM

thank you for interest in YACHTFILM and our job offer on LinkedIn.

We are looking for freelancers or small agencies to help us supporting our clients with online video advertising.

To get to know your approach and your way of thinking, we would like to present you with an example task:

Client XY is an importer and distributor for a range of small powerboats that are popular on inland lakes and the Baltic sea. The boats are used for leisure, like swimming, water ski, fishing, exploring lakes etc. There are 3 boats in the range, and several options for traditional and battery outboard engines. The distribution area is Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They have a landing page in place where you can book a meeting with a sales rep and/or a test drive.

This spring, the client senses a strong interest in powerboats by potential new (beginner) boaters, driven by the COVID - crisis. The client wants new videos produced from YACHTFILM. On top of the video production budget, they are looking to spend ca. 5.000 € per month for the next three months on online video advertising (with an option to extend all summer if the campaign is going well.) The client is committed to try Youtube ads. They are not sure if they should focus their ad spend on YT, or also add Instagram into the mix. This client is coming directly to us – there is no ad or media agency involved.

Please fill in the questionnaire. Be as specific as you see fit. Feel free to ask if something is not clear.

We are looking forward to reading your ideas – and I promise to get back to you with personalized feedback.


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